PPAP stands for Production Part Approval Process or Pre-Production Approval Process. The Auto Industry Action Group originally developed the Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan (APQP), and PPAP grew out of that to promote quality assurance of part production. Now, most industries use PPAP to attempt to reduce risks before releasing a product or service to the public. The process relies on a team of people following well-established steps to gather all vital information regarding a part, product or service, including a quality control plan, performance testing reports and material certifications. The same team also reviews the information and considers potential risks.

Things You Will Need
  • PPAP or APQP Manual

  • Training course

  • Exam

Step 1.

Acquire a PPAP or APQP manual and study its contents. You can download a PDF of the AIAG Publications Catalog off its website (see Resources) and order a manual from there (see page 10). If PPAP certification is required by your employer, he may provide you with a manual or reimburse you for it.

Step 2.

Attend a PPAP and/or APQP (of which PPAP is an important part) training course that covers the contents of the manual. You may find this especially helpful if you learn best by listening to someone talk about a topic and are able to ask questions and interact with other learners. The AIAG website (see Resources) provides information about upcoming training courses.

Step 3.

Take a PPAP exam and pass it. Your employer might offer the exam, or you might have to go elsewhere. Visit the AIAG website (see Resources) for an updated list of exam dates, locations and fees.