The decor you choose for your business says a lot about your personal taste, your style and the nature of the business. The decorating style you choose also sets the tone for customer interactions, providing that all important first impression when visitors walk through the door. Making sure that the first impression customers, clients and others get is strong can be a real challenge, especially when the business in question is a bank. Bank offices should exude an air of sophistication, style and understated elegance to their clients. Managers must include those elements as part of the decorating theme.

Things You Will Need
  • Paintings and prints

  • Certificates

  • Desk

  • Bookcase

  • Computer

  • Printer

Step 1.

Consider the clientele. A bank that serves an upscale and sophisticated clientele will want to choose amenities and furniture that are more upscale and elegant as well. On the other hand, the manager of a mass market bank would want to choose furnishings that are more comfortable and homey.

Step 2.

Position the desk so that the workers inside the office can easily see the door. This will allow those employees to serve clients more quickly, avoiding long lines and frustrated clients.

Step 3.

Paint the walls in a neutral shade, like beige or tan. These neutral colors go well with virtually any decorating style. They also create a warm and welcoming look for visitors to the bank.

Step 4.

Use classic prints and paintings to create a look of sophistication and style. Avoid modern art and other acquired tastes.

Step 5.

Highlight the achievements of your team members. Display certificates of merit, educational achievements and memberships in banking organizations on the walls of the office.

Step 6.

Install high quality wood bookcases along one wall of the office. Display banking items, including any awards that the bank has earned.

Step 7.

Use a credenza to keep office supplies, forms and other necessities. A standard metal supply cabinet can look quite out of place in an elegant bank office. A credenza, on the other hand, provides additional charm while keeping everything organized and in its place.

Step 8.

Position the computer and printer on the desk in a way that does not interfere with customer eye contact. Placing the computer slightly to the side allows bank employees to maintain eye contact with customers while entering data and checking information.

Step 9.

Place the printer within easy reach. Bank employees must print many documents to open new accounts and serve customer needs. Keeping the printer close speeds up customer service and gives new customers access to everything they need.

Step 10.

Make the decor customer friendly by placing items visitors will need within easy reach. These items can include pens, note pads and fliers advertising current bank and account promotions.