To set up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the state of Minnesota, you must file Articles of Organization with the Minnesota Secretary of State. In addition, you must select a business name that is not registered to another company in the state and a service agent of process. You may also adopt an operating agreement. A single member of the LLC or an unlimited number of members may set up a Minnesota LLC. Members of a Minnesota LLC may include individuals, corporations, other LLCs, foreign entities or partnerships.

Step 1.

Choose a name for your LLC. To set up an LLC in Minnesota, you must select an available business name. The chosen name of the Minnesota LLC must not be in use or held on reserve by another business entity in the state. According to the Legal Zoom website, the business name of a Minnesota LLC must contain the words "limited liability company." Search business name availability on the Minnesota Secretary of State website (

Step 2.

Download an Articles of Organization form from the Minnesota Secretary of State website. The website provides a fill-in-the-blank articles of organization form. You may also obtain articles of organization in person or by mail from the Secretary of State’s office.

Office of the Secretary of State Retirement Systems of Minnesota Building 60 Empire Drive, Suite 100 St Paul, MN 55103

Step 3.

Complete your Articles of Organization form. List the names and addresses of the members of your LLC. Provide the name and physical address of your Minnesota LLC. Provide the name and address of your LLC’s resident agent. Your resident agent must be an adult or business that agrees to accept legal papers on behalf of your LLC. The registered agent must maintain a physical address in the state of Minnesota. According to the Legal Zoom website, the articles of organization must be signed by at least two individuals who are responsible for organizing the LLC.

Step 4.

File your Articles of Organization. An LLC in Minnesota may file articles of organization on the Minnesota Secretary of State's website, by mail or in person. If you are filing by mail, send the completed form to 60 Empire Drive, Suite 100, St. Paul, MN 55103. As of 2010, the fee is $160 to file articles of organization in the state.

Step 5.

Write an operating agreement. In Minnesota, an LLC is not required to file an operating agreement with the state. However, an operating agreement may eliminate disagreements or discrepancies as the business progresses. An operating agreement serves as an internal document that sets forth the rules and regulations of the company. Your operating agreement may include items such as the voting rights of LLC members and the allocation of business profits and losses.