How to Make Money With a Fishing Hobby

A passion for fishing and spending time in the great outdoors can become a way to make some extra cash. Whether you already live near a prime fishing hole or plan to move to an area with excellent fishing opportunities, there are a variety of ways you can turn your hobby into a moneymaker.

Act as a Guide

Offer guided services to local fishing spots. Guide clients on trips via foot to your favorite fishing holes or on your client's boat. If you own a boat, check into liability insurance coverage and state licensing requirements before you take clients on the water. You can also apply at outfitters and lodges to work as a seasonal guide. You will need the required skills for the type of fishing they offer says writer Philip Monahan in an article in the fly-fishing publication Midcurrent. You can promote your services via flyers and placing business cards at outdoor sports and fishing shops.

Sell Supplies

If you like tying your own flies, painting lures or building rods, set up a website, post pictures of the lures you create and sell them. You can also sell them on Etsy or Facebook. In 2014, Arkansas teenager Garret McMahan started using Facebook to sell his handmade lures for $10 each. He makes a $5 profit off of each one, according to The Commercial Appeal. Talk to local fishing and outdoor sports stores about selling your products on their shelves.

Give Lessons

Teach others how to fish. For instance, Mossy Creek Fly Fishing in Virginia charges $165 per student for a half-day class or $85 for a two-hour class. They provide all fishing gear, including tackle. Topics can include choosing the best equipment for the type of fish you want to catch and learning how to cast. You can also cover how to make lures, tie flies and how to prep caught fish to eat.

Write About It

A passion for writing about your fishing experiences, hot spots and what kinds of gear to use could net you some bucks if a print publication picks up the article. Pitch publications such as Sport Fishing or American Angler with "how-to" story ideas, such as how to build certain types of leaders or new techniques to catch specific types of fish. Suggest stories to localized publications. For instance, Northwest Fly Fishing wants articles about fishing destinations in the Pacific Northwest.