Bulk mail allows businesses to deliver information to a lot of people at more economical rates than normal mail. Bulk mail permit holders print large quantities of identical mail with what is known as “indicia.” Indicia are simple boxes of text that identify your mailings as permissible bulk mail. Indicia function like stamps, but are often printed directly on mailers by the printing company. If you need actual indicia stamps that you can peel and stick, indicia can be printed on printable sheets of blank stamps using Microsoft Word.

Step 1.

Buy sheets of printable stamps. These sheets are just like label sheets that can be feed through laser or inkjet printers. Stamp sheets are available from business and office suppliers.

Step 2.

Open Microsoft Word. For Word 2007, select “Labels” found under the “Mailings” tab. For Word 2004, select “Labels” from the “Tools” menu.

Step 3.

Click “Options” in the “Labels” dialog box and select the "Stamp" label size from the list of different labels. The package of stamp sheets will also have a label size identification number that can be used to look up the correct label size. If the program does not have an option for stamps, select “New Label” and custom-enter the dimensions of the stamp labels. Click “OK” once the stamp size is selected.

Step 4.

Type the required indicia information in the “Address” text box. Information required by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) includes the rate marking (for example, first-class, standard, media mail), the words “US Postage Paid,” your city and state, and the words “Permit No.” followed by the permit number. Everything should be in capital letters. Indicia must be four or five lines long. Font size and type must be clear and legible. Click “OK” once the information is entered. A sheet of labels will appear on the computer screen.

Step 5.

Place the label sheets in the printer and print the labels.


The USPS does not allow indicia to be typed on a typewriter or hand-written.