How to Make a Living Raising Earthworms

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Raising earthworms is one way to generate some extra income for those who have a knack for dealing with worms. Earthworm sellers are able to make money by marketing their earthworms to places such as fish and tackle shops, which use worms on a regular basis. People who enjoy fishing will purchase worms as bait to help them to lure fish to their fishing rods. If you raise earthworms, you have the ability to create worm composts or “worm farms” which appeal to gardeners and those who enjoy planting as a hobby. Worm composting acts as a conditioner for soil and makes it healthier to plant flowers and other items during both the hot and cold periods of the year. Raising earthworms to earn a living is smart for those people who are willing to create the best conditions possible for the earthworms to be raised in, which includes having the correct amount of moisture, lighting, level of oxygen and a source on which the worms can feed.

Locate places to sell the earthworms you have raised. Travel to fish and tackle shops in your area and tell them you have worms which you desire to sell. Ask them if you would be able to be their primary worm supplier. Let these shops know that you are willing to meet the needs of their customers who need fish on a weekly basis by providing them with earthworms on a weekly basis.

Reach out to gardeners in your area. Let the gardening groups in your area know that you offer worms which they can use for purposes of worm composting. Educate these gardening organizations about the benefits of using clean soil by giving free seminars at their monthly events.

Place an advertisement in your community newspaper. Include the fact you have worms for sale which can be used as bait for fishermen, and to assist in the process of worm composting. Create flyers containing your phone number and the services you offer at a local office-supply store which you place at stores and supermarkets in your community.

Find pet stores to which to offer your worms. Find the phone numbers of pet stores in your local area by going to Super Pages website and searching for the phrase "pet store." Make a list of the locations which are close to your home and contact each store to determine if they have a need for the earthworms you have raised. If they need worms for the animals in their shop to eat, they may be willing to give you a chance to provide earthworms to their store each week.


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