How to Promote FOREX Products

Choose a message for promoting FOREX products that positions the company as a trusted friend. Marketing materials can state how investors gain positive returns and traders can make extra money. Accurately state the benefits of FOREX while avoiding promotional strategies and messages that attract a get-rich-quick business opportunity seeker. Speak to business owners and savvy investors on a factual, emotion-free level to gain respect and trust.

Promotional Strategies

Present FOREX to individuals as a way to diversify an investment portfolio. Segment invitations based on professional occupations, retirees, young working families with income of certain levels and other key demographic information.

Schedule a luncheon topic on doing business overseas for small companies and show how FOREX is used in trade on the international markets. Invite three to five other non-competing businesses to exhibit and invite their own client lists.

Provide benefits to small business owners by presenting a series of mini-workshops with presenters from complementary yet non-competing business that offer valuable services. Invite a professional employer organization to present tips on cash flow and request that on handouts they give that they imprint the benefits of trading FOREX for small business owners.

Develop internships with undergraduates at local business schools to come learn trading and then assist in the marketing of FOREX products and accounts. Develop a task per week for 12 weeks that will focus on trading basics and, once every two months, have an open house where the students can invite specified family members to try a hands-on approach to learning.

Host a free workshop once monthly like a trading club where prospective traders or those wishing to have their accounts managed can come in, open a demo account and trade with assistance at no risk. Explain how, and why, there are different types of accounts as noted in “Forex Basics: Setting Up An Account” by trader David Hunt on the website “Investopedia.”

Promotional Material

Design a website that features the reasons to trade FOREX, the benefits and a sign-up page for a free, no-risk demonstration account. Create a PowerPoint or Flash presentation on the website that runs one to two minutes giving an introduction to trading FOREX and how viewers can sign up for a demo account. Build credibility with links to neutral and notable organizations like the American Finance Association.

Build a permission-based email list. Send newsletter updates about industry news, personal success stories and latest government figures that impact FOREX.

Run ads on shopping carts or in community newspapers circulating in local grocery stores offering people the chance to learn risk-free how to trade money. Write the ad as a way to run a business and earn money part-time.


  • Choose three main audience segments. Use a different promotional offer for each one to gauge response. Build trust and credibility in the promotional messages.


  • Set realistic expectations.