How Do I Mass Produce My Invention?

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There are several ways to mass produce your invention. You can submit your invention to a large company and set up a licensing agreement. The company then will take care of mass producing it for you, and you will receive a percentage of the profit as set out in the licensing agreement. Or you can mass produce it yourself. Here are the steps to mass producing your invention on your own.

Make a prototype of your invention yourself, if possible. Use any materials at your disposal or that you can find from a craft store. If you need help making some of the parts, hire a tool and dye shop to help you.

Look on the Internet for manufacturers. A good place to start is the Thomas Register, which lists manufacturers by state and specialty.

Present your prototype to the manufacturer and ask it to create one for you as a sample.

Examine the sample thoroughly. Communicate the modifications needed, if any, to the manufacturer.

Ask for a new sample with the modifications applied to it.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 as many times as necessary until you feel your invention is perfect.

Show your perfected model to a small group of friends and family and ask for feedback. Make any adjustments with the manufacturer as necessary.

Get cost estimates from the manufacturer. The number of units you order is likely to be key -- for example, ordering 500 items will cost more per unit than ordering several thousand.

Decide how many you units wish to order and place your order with the manufacturer.


  • Expect to pay for the samples the manufacturer creates. It will call the sample a prototype.

    It’s usually best to start with a small quantity to see how well your invention sells first, unless you've already presold the product.


  • Do not order a large quantity of your invention from the manufacturer before you see a sample. It needs to be perfected before you order more.