How to Write a Media Plan

by Contributor ; Updated September 26, 2017

Creating a media plan is an important part of any advertising campaign. In order for the campaign for be effective, planning is of very high importance, particularly when large amounts of money will be spent on advertising.

Decide which type of media you want to use.

Will your business benefit from being in the local newspaper? If you're an online business maybe not, but if you have a brick and mortar store, the newspaper is a good option. This will vary greatly depending upon what type of business you have.

Establish easily measurable goals.

Do you want to bring in an extra $50,000 worth of revenue next quarter? Just get more people in the door? Whatever your goal is, make it realistic.

Decide who your audience is.

(This relates back to Step 1.) Are your customers the type of people that read the local newspaper, or will they only see your ad if it's online?

Strategy and Timeline.

As described in Step 2, everything must be reasonable for your business, and measurable. Come up with a quarterly or yearly timeline describing your strategy for reaching your goals.


Every media plan needs a budget. Say you have a million dollars to spend for advertising this year. That won't go very far if you're running commercials on network television, so before making plans, decide what your budget will be.

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