How to Acquire Mailing Lists for Interior Designers

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Good mailing lists are a vital part of any direct marketing campaign. While the use of standard “snail mail” for marketing purposes is certainly declining (with the continued rise of email and the cost of postage), mailing information and offers to potential clients and customers is still effective when properly designed and deployed. But the success of any direct marketing campaign is absolutely tied to the accuracy of the target mailing list. Laying hands on a “good list” of mailing addresses is sometimes difficult due to new privacy concerns.

Contact the national office of a major professional association for licensed or certified interior designers. Most professional designers belong to the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) or other comparable organizations. The mailing list for members may be available for purchase by direct marketers; names and addresses are priced by the name or by the thousands of names desired. This purchased list will usually entitle you to one mailing campaign, and you will be provided with the mailing labels. Most professional organizations that rent their membership lists will require you to provide them with a sample of what you intend to market to their members. If they don’t approve of your product, service or message, they have the right to reject your request to purchase mailing lists.

Reach out to a mailing list broker. List brokers are often able to use other means to acquire lists of interior designers from other sources. This is especially handy if the professional associations refuse to rent you their lists or no longer market membership lists due to new privacy policies. The broker will charge you per address ordered or by the thousands and will also provide you with pre-printed mailing address labels. These will also be “one time” list rentals.

Ask interior design magazines if subscriber information is available for purchase. Popular magazines for the profession include Architectural Digest and Interior Design. These magazine lists can be very effective; purchase of a magazine subscription is often an indicator that the recipient is open to receiving marketing offers through the mail.

Call local or regional Chambers of Commerce and inquire about buying mailing lists for their membership if—and only if—you already know there are interior designers who are members of that particular Chamber group and if the Chamber will allow you to “cherry pick” just the interior designers out of their lists.

Cull names and addresses from Superpages listings online. Open a directory like Superpages and do searches for interior designer terms in certain zipcodes. Copy and paste the data listed in the directory add. This can be a labor-intensive project but can be the most affordable way to compile your own mailing list.


  • All mailing list owners “seed” their leased lists with control names and addresses: If you attempt to make duplicates of a leased list and use the list again, your dishonesty will be detected and you can be sued for theft of services.