A big rig is a common term for a tractor trailer truck. Buying a big rig will allow you to run your own trucking business. When companies hire your truck to move products for them, you keep most of the earnings since you are the owner of the vehicle.

Things You Will Need
  • Funds

  • Commercial driver's license (CDL)

How to Buy a Big Rig

Step 1.

Research the various truck brands and distinguish which best suits your needs. As there are many different brands of cars, the same goes for trucks.There are many different companies to choose from, such as Mack, Isuzu, Ford, Kenworth, etc.

Step 2.

Find a truck. There are many avenues you can use to conduct your search. Using the Internet is the most common. However, other options are available such as dealerships, truck magazines, classified advertisements and fliers on bulletin boards at truck stops.

Step 3.

Negotiate the final price with the seller. Often, the terms a seller lists do not constitute a firm price. If they are flexible, they may sell the big rig lower than listed.

Step 4.

Pay the seller the agreed upon price. After payment is made, register the vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles in your jurisdiction.


According to the state of California Calfed program, you may receive a $25,000 grant to buy a lower-emission truck. This grant is part of the clean air initiative.