How to Open a Medi Spa

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Medical spas are growing in popularity, especially among those who are seeking ways to stop visible signs of aging. A medi spa is like a beauty spa and a physician's or dermatologist's office combined. Visitors to a medical spa can get services such as chemical peels, laser resurfacing and hair removal. Owning a medi spa can be profitable--the cost of services typically range from $400 to over $900 per session. Before opening a medical spa, you'll need to carefully look into your state's specific health requirements.

Learn what restrictions your state has concerning who can perform procedures in a medical spa. Most states require that treatments be given by a licensed medical doctor, nurse or aesthetician. You should also check to be sure whether someone who is not licensed to perform procedures can own a medi spa.

Decide whether you will perform the treatments in your medi spa or if you will hire licensed workers. If you plan to actually give treatments yourself, you will need to obtain the certifications and licenses needed in your state.

Lease a building that is suitable for use as a medical office, as required by your state. To keep your costs down, look for a building that has the plumbing and ventilation you need so that you don't have to build out or renovate the space.

Purchase the furniture and equipment you'll need for your medical spa from a supplier such as Med Spa Mart or Pure Spa Direct. Depending upon which procedures you want to offer your clients, you may need a laser, hair removal machines or skin resurfacing equipment.

Apply to have your medical spa inspected by your state's health department or professional regulation board. These officials will ensure that your facility meets the state's requirements for a medi spa, including sanitation and safety issues.

Advertise your medical spa. You can launch a website or a blog, send out press releases, place ads in local online or print business directories or air a local commercial.

Network with other medical spa owners, employees and suppliers by joining an association such as the Medical Aesthetic Practice Association or the International Medical Spa Association. This will help you keep up with industry trends and possibly gain new clients by referral.