When considering how to buy property for a day care business, it's important to consider location, zoning and restrictions, and current structures on the property. Each of these factors can help a business thrive or fail. Keeping children at the day care center safe should also be a top priority, so choosing a location for safety is also of great importance. Whether you want to buy an existing building and convert it into a day care center or buy land and build a center, these tips will help you buy property for a day care business.

Things You Will Need
  • Line of credit with bank or money to buy property

  • Real estate listing

  • Real estate agent

  • Internet connection

Finding a good location is of prime importance for any business, but especially important for a day care business. The site should be located on a street that's easy for parents to access. A great location is one near office parks or large office buildings, since many working parents will find it convenient to drop off or pick up their children.

When searching for a location, consider safety factors, too. Land near industrial locations, next to busy highways or train tracks may be less desirable than land on a typical road. You may need to erect high safety fences and other safety precautions if you choose such a parcel of land.

Another factor to consider when buying property for a daycare business is zoning. Check with the local town or county offices to ensure that the property is zoned for business. While the real estate agent should know this, an agent can make a mistake. Protect your business and your investment by double-checking on the zoning.

If purchasing property that already has a building on it, consider the features of the building. A day care facility will need room for children to play, nap, and enjoy activities. While you can renovate a building to your business needs, starting out with a space that at least has some features you need saves time and money.

Consider the area around the building, too. Be sure there is plenty of parking for parents and workers. An outdoor area that can be fenced in and turned into a playground is also a plus.


Drive by or visit other day care locations in your desired area to see what types of facilities they have. Find a real estate agent who deals with commercial or business properties. Sometimes you can find homes in areas zoned for commercial business. These can make ideal daycare centers because they already have kitchens, bathrooms, and feel and look like a regular home.