How to Create an On-Call Calendar

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If you supervise a business with an on-call service, you will need to customize an on-call rotation calendar to make sure your employees know when they need to have their cell phones turned on and be available to work. You can create on-call service calendars using free word processing templates, such as in Microsoft Word. You can download this calendar and customize it in minutes.

Visit Microsoft Office Online and click on the sixth blue tab, labeled "Templates."

Type "on call" in the Templates search box at the top lef-hand corner and hit the "Search" button. You will be directed to a page listing Microsoft's on-call calendar templates.

Click the third calendar link, labeled "On call rotation calendar." Then, hit the "Download" button on the new screen. You will be asked to accept or decline Microsoft's Service Agreement. You will need to choose the "Accept" button to continue.

Choose a name for the calendar in the "File Name" box when it pops up on your screen, and hit the "Save" button.

Fill in the names and shift details in the calendar template when it downloads. This will take less than 30 seconds and the calendar will open automatically in Microsoft Word.


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