When a company has a new position open up, it is often advantageous to advertise the job to internal candidates before you make a general announcement that the position is available. An internal candidate is a good choice because the employee probably has an idea of what the position requires and is already are familiar with the culture of the workplace. This benefits employees by giving them a chance to increase their own knowledge base and work in a different aspect of the business.

Things You Will Need
  • Open position

  • Internal job board

Step 1.

Write out the job description as you normally would for an external candidate. This will give the managers a guideline for what they should be looking for in a candidate and let your existing employees know what will be expected of them.

Step 2.

Post the position to an internal job board. This can be something which is located in the HR office or on a company extranet. The posting should include the process that internal candidates need to take in order to apply for the job. For more immediate opportunities, you may want to consider sending out a general memo about a position being open.

Step 3.

Discuss with interested employees whether they would be a good fit for the new position. This will usually require more open communication and finesse than you would have with an external applicant.

Step 4.

Forward the application and resume of the applicant to the manager who is hiring the position and allow the manager to set up a meeting with the employee.

Step 5.

Follow up with the employee regardless of whether that person got the job. If an employee did not get the job, there may be feelings of resent or hurt. Try to calm the employee and assure the worker that he or she is a valuable part of the team, but stress that the person was not right for that particular position. Encourage the employee to try again.


For some positions, seek out candidates who are internal who you feel would be a good fit. Often, an employee doesn’t see how his or her experience will be beneficial to a new position. Matching a good employee to a position will increase efficiency and morale among the workforce.


Discourage employees from talking to the department manager directly at any part of this process except for the interview itself. This can lead to an employee badgering a manager, which can cause a hostile work environment.