How to Nominate Board Members

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Board members have an important role in overseeing the activities and financial success of a business or nonprofit entity. Maintaining a strong board of directors that is committed to your organization or business can prove crucial to your success. It is important to consider leaders in the community who firmly believe in the mission and goals of your organization. If you know someone who would make a good board member, you should understand how to nominate them and how to navigate the nomination process within your organization.

Create a set of skills and experience that potential board members should have and discuss it with current board members. If you are a new organization or company, speak with other businesses or executives to see what they have learned during the board selection process.

List potential board members and take suggestions from current members. Many organizations nominate candidates by using an election form. This should include the nominee's contact information, degrees, honors, community service, hobbies or interests, why they are interested in serving on the board and what position they are nominated for.

Discuss the duties of the board with candidates. Go over how the board of directors conducts business, personal responsibilities as board members, attendance requirements, how votes are regulated and other important areas that a board member should know about. Give candidates an opportunity to ask questions.

Hold a vote to determine the final candidate(s) for open positions and welcome her or them as part of your organization.


  • Once selected, board members should all sign conflict of interest statements to avoid potential problems.


  • Avoid making the nominee process public by keeping candidate names from employees and volunteers.