How to Change a 501(c)(3) Corporation's Name

by Bradley James Bryant ; Updated September 26, 2017
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A 501(c)(3) is the tax-status designation given to non-profit corporations. This designation exempts the organization from paying taxes on income received. Making any changes to your nonprofit, therefore, means contacting your local Tax Center. You should also spend a few days gathering information that might be useful to include within your request for a name change. While there may be a fee associated with refiling your articles of incorporation, there is usually no fee for changing the name.

Check with your state's secretary of state office to find the latest listing for your corporation. This is a good first step to ensure there are no suspensions or other issues with paperwork before requesting a name change. This will also help to expedite the process.

Check at the federal level as well for any possible issues. Call the IRS Exempt Organizations unit for your Tax Center to request an updated exemption determination letter. There is no charge for this, and the IRS will usually fax it to you immediately.

Contact your state's secretary of state office. In most cases, you will need to refile an amended articles of incorporation. Ask the state representative what the file fee is.

Amend your bylaws and notify the IRS. Attach copies of all documentation requested in Steps 1 through 6 to the letter. Address the letter to your local Tax Center. Follow up after two weeks to verify receipt.

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