How to get an Idaho State Contractors License

This article will explain how to apply for an Idaho Contractors License. Get approved to do business in the State of Idaho by following the steps below.

First you will need to get an application at:

This link takes you to the Application for Contractor Registration Instructions in a pdf format. If you have a program that reads pdf you can download and print the document.

Fill out the application with all your company information. Remember to Print the Registrant's name and address. Answer every question and check the appropriate boxes. Don't forget to attach both General Liablity and Workman's Compensation Insurance Certificates. The application must be signed and have an official notary signature.

Then mail the application to: IDAHO CONTRACTORS BOARD BUREAU OF OCCUPATIONAL LICENSES 1109 Main Street, Suite 220 Boise, Idaho 83702-5642

Include a $30.00 Check payable to IBOL

The board meets a couple times of month and you need to have the paperwork in the Wednesday prior to the board meeting to get your Contractor's license approved. You should not be doing work or bidding on jobs in the State of Idaho without a licenses are you could be prosecuted and fined for doing so.


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