Job descriptions describe responsibilities, individual tasks, goals and interactions necessary for specific kinds of employment. They often follow a similar pattern, whatever the job happens to be. This enables the employer to keep the employee accountable and evaluate applicants' qualifications. The description should list the fundamental or main responsibilities of the job, with accurate, clear information. In writing a cleaning job description, follow those principles.

Step 1.

Write a brief summary of the position, no more than two or three sentences, outlining responsibilities, who the employee reports to, and what is required and how the work is accomplished. Think about the particular needs of the position you want to create and base your summary on it.

Step 2.

Write the job description itself in two parts. Part one includes a list of the most important responsibilities and tasks in the job, and part two includes peripheral tasks or tasks that all employees share.

For a cleaning position, for example, the employee will clean floors by scraping, mopping or vacuuming; empty garbage cans; vacuum furniture; clean glass surfaces; dust; prepare cleaning mixtures; deep clean carpets polish or wax floors; follow cleaning instructions so fixtures and furniture is not ruined; rearrange or move furniture for cleaning purposes; and order supplies. Peripheral tasks might be keeping a general eye out for security or guiding people who have questions. The job itself is not defined by peripherals.

Step 3.

Use specific verbs to describe responsibilities: clean, vacuum, order.

Step 4.

Review the language to make sure it is as detailed and specific as possible. The people doing the hiring will have to judge applicants upon whether they can accomplish the tasks in your list of requirements; so being specific is essential.