How to Make a Farewell Lunch Flier

Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images

Using templates provided in a word processing program offers a simplified way to design an attractive and informative flier for a farewell lunch. Before choosing a flier template to use, write down all the relevant information to include and think about the visual look you'd like to have for the flier.

Determine the key information about the farewell lunch to include in your flier. This should include the name of event with a short description, date and time, location, directions (if needed) and the name/contact information for the event organizer.

Visualize the color scheme or graphic elements you'd like to include in the flier. Collect photos of the person who is being celebrated at this lunch from their friends and family. You'll need electronic versions of the photos, so collect digital photos or convert printed photos with a scanner.


In your word-processing program, search through the templates offered with your software. Select a "Flier" template and a new project document will open. You'll be able to modify this template. Insert the information and the photos/color scheme you'd like to include.