Whether you want to sell snow cones, hot dogs, cookies or desserts, a mobile concession trailer is a great way to market your food. If you're not ready to invest in purchasing a trailer, many companies provide this equipment for rent to businesses.

Step 1.

Research trailers before you rent. You should know the approximate size and interior capabilities (such as a sink, oven or microwave oven) that you would need before you rent. Also, figure out how much money you have to spend and look for trailers that fit your budget; most trailers rent for a per-day fee.

Step 2.

Find the right trailer. Food concession trailers aren't like other businesses; they are not necessarily in every town. You might have to do a lot of your research online or over the phone. Likewise, not many companies are in the sole business of renting concession trailers, so look for event supplies rentals or vending supplies rentals.

Step 3.

Consider renting from an individual. Check newspaper classified pages and online sites like Craigslist for possible leads.

Step 4.

Agree to the payment terms before you forfeit any money. Will you be paying the entire rental fee up front, or a down payment or installments? Be sure that everyone is clear on these details before you pay for the rental.

Step 5.

Get a receipt to prove how much you paid, when you made the payment and your remaining balance.