Recycling helps to save the environment. However, if that isn’t motivation enough, you can also make money when you recycle. Many recyclers look for aluminum, plastic, and glass to recycle, but cardboard boxes are recyclable and can also yield cash.

Step 1.

Locate your local recycling centers. A quick look in your local yellow pages will give the phone numbers and addresses.

Step 2.

Call a few recycling centers to see how much they pay for cardboard. Most centers pay by weight.

Step 3.

Take a trip to your local department stores and supermarkets. Dress professionally and talk to the manager. Many of these stores will welcome your type of service. Let him/her know how often you plan on picking up the boxes. Once or twice each week is sufficient.

Step 4.

Reserve a dry place to stack your boxes. The garage or spare room is an ideal place.

Step 5.

Stack your boxes in bundles. Stacking your cardboard boxes in bundles makes it easier to take to the recycling center each week for weighing.

Step 6.

Collect your cash. Your cardboard is weighed and you are paid on the spot.


Don’t stop at cardboard. Collect newspapers and collect even more money.