Employees without direct deposit receive live checks, which they can cash at the appropriate bank. Check printing is a crucial step in payroll processing. It is one of the latter stages, among many stages, of payroll processing.

Step 1.

Determine if you will be using payroll software for check printing. Accounting software such as Quickbooks allows you to process your payroll and print checks through the system. You will need to purchase the software and download it to your computer. Manual check printing is done on the typewriter and is an increasingly rare method of check printing, generally used by very small companies .

Step 2.

Know what information should be reflected on the paycheck. Typically, the employee’s name, address, check date, check number, gross pay, net pay, employer bank, employer’ s signature and pay stub information (e.g. deductions, year-to-date amounts and tax information) are on the paycheck.

Step 3.

Determine payroll information, such as wages and voluntary and involuntary deductions, for each employee. If you are using a manual payroll system, compute all wages, taxes and deductions to be withheld by hand for each employee. Double-check your information.

Step 4.

Enter the information in the system; then, print pre-processing reports to double-check and balance your entries. If you find any discrepancies, correct them before printing the checks to avoid wasting paper and ink.

Step 5.

Click on the check-printing button for the current payroll to print checks once you have determined that everything is correct. If your payroll is manual, use a typewriter with an erase feature to print the checks.

Step 6.

Transmit the direct deposit file and send tax files to tax company, if applicable. Close the payroll. If you encounter a paycheck error thereafter, you will have to issue a manual check if you want to fix the problem immediately. You can void the erroneous check during the next payroll period, or even thereafter, as long as it is deducted from the employee’s year-to-date earnings.


Try to use a laser printer to ensure smooth check-printing. If you do not have payroll software and would prefer not to use the manual payroll check- printing method, use online software such as Microsoft Office Online for your check printing. To simply print a paycheck stub online, use a free service such as paycheckcity.com.


Check to ensure the payroll software you are using will print all the necessary payroll data on the paycheck before doing a full check run. Do not process a complete payroll with a new payroll system without testing it first. Do a mock payroll on one employee and generate a check for her. Print that check to ensure all the necessary payroll information is reflected.