Each credit card company wants to make sure that when consumers are ready to apply for new credit it will be the first company that comes to mind. Soliciting a credit card in a store serves to make the credit card company’s product visible and bring in new customers who may not have been planning to apply for new credit any time soon. If you have been hired to solicit credit card applications in a store, following a few simple steps will make your efforts as successful as possible.

Things You Will Need
  • Marketing booth

  • Credit card applications

Step 1.

Get permission from the store manager. Some stores may not permit solicitation of any kind. In addition, the store you attempt to market the credit cards at may have rules concerning when and where you are permitted to solicit the card.

Step 2.

Request that the manager be willing to offer shoppers a small discount on their purchases if they agree to fill out a credit card application. This benefits you by allowing you to sign up new card holders and benefits the store by attracting customers who want to take advantage of the temporary discount.

Step 3.

Set up a colorful marketing booth that will attract attention from customers and draw them to you, rather than you feeling like you must chase after them to get them to fill out an application.

Step 4.

Make applications available at the register. Your booth will not catch the attention of everyone, but every customer will eventually go through the check-out line. By making applications available in more than one area you will get added exposure for your product.

Step 5.

Use the card’s incentives (for example, extra airline miles or cash back rewards) as your main selling point. By making the incentives visible, such as with signs or printouts, you can attract more consumers who want to take advantage of the rewards offered by the credit card.


Place a bowl of mints or candy on your booth. Children will be attracted to the free sweets, and while they select their candies, you can make a sales pitch to their parents.

Choose a store that is highly-trafficked to ensure that you receive the largest amount of applications.