The W-4 form is a legally required business document. It is provided to all employees by their employer upon hire or at the beginning of a new calendar year. The employer’s payroll department uses this form to withhold a certain amount of your income, which is later paid to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If you work in a large corporation you can easily obtain a W-4 through the company's intranet or by contacting the human resources department. However, you can obtain a copy of the most recent W-4 form much faster through the IRS website.

Things You Will Need
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Printer

Step 1.

Log in to This is the official IRS website; a direct link to the W-4 is provided in the resource section. After the page loads, a PDF version of the W-4 form will appear on your screen. You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to open PDF files.

Step 2.

Print the W-4 form. In printing the W-4 form directly from the IRS website, you will always receive the most recent version of the form. Print multiple copies if you are an employer and need them for future use.

Step 3.

Save the form to your computer for future use. This step is optional; however, if you ever lose your Internet connection, you will have a backup copy of the form saved on your local hard drive.


• Some states require tax withholding, as well as federal. In addition, certain cities in some states require tax withholding. If you’re unsure whether your state or city requires additional tax withholdings, see the link provided in the resource section for W-4.


• If you choose to save a W-4 to your local hard drive, remember to update it to the newer version every year. An updated W-4 that corresponds to the current tax year must be in an employee’s file. • No one but employers can provide employees with a copy of a W-4 form. Never give advice on declarations, or directions on how to fill out withholdings. The IRS provides instructions with the official version of the form.