How to Cash a Postal Service Money Order

by W D Adkins; Updated September 26, 2017
Post Office Building

A business or individual can accept United States Postal Service money orders as payment and be certain of receiving the money. Money orders can’t be canceled or returned for insufficient funds like a check. If you or your business receives a money order, you can cash it at any U.S. bank or at any post office. In rural areas, mail carriers can cash money orders, provided funds are available.

Money Order Redemption Rules

Always wait until you are in the presence of a post office or bank employee before signing a money order. Sign just as the name appears on the money order. You'll need valid identification, such as a driver’s license or military ID card. If you are cashing the money order for a business or other organization, sign with the entity’s name and add your own name and title. You'll need documentation showing you are an authorized representative of the organization. If a money order is made out to more than one payee using the word “or,” one party can cash it. An example is a money order made out to “John Smith or Mary Jones.” If the word “and” is used instead, both parties must endorse the money order to cash it.

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