How to Market Health Care Products

by Laurie Rappeport; Updated September 26, 2017

Health care is recognized as a major concern in today's society and health care product marketing has become a significant part of the economy. Marketing health-care products requires marketing know-how and skill, a belief in the product that is being marketed and some basic decisions about what and how to market. Every year more and more people make their living by marketing health-care products. It's a business with high potential that can be established and run with a minimal investment.

Marketing Health Care Products

Step 1

Decide what type of health-care products will be marketed. Some products that are included under the umbrella of health-care products are: exercise equipment personal-care products mobility aids nutritional products and supplements natural health aids medical equipment and medical supplies *dietary aids and foods

Step 2

Create a plan for marketing health-care products. The two main options for marketing health care products are: Sign up as a distributor of a large health care product manufacturer to market their products exclusively or sign up as a dealer for an already-established distributor. Create a niche for the kind of health-care products that will be sold and sell products that fall into that niche from several different manufacturers.

Step 3

Start small. Selling health-care products is a business that can be set up with a small investment. Start by acquiring some of the basic products and do some simple advertising and promotion. Once the business begins to show a return on the investment, additional products may be added to the inventory and the marketing materials may be upgraded. Small business loans, if needed, might be available through individual states' economic development agencies. Each state will have a website for its own economic development agency.

Step 4

Make sure that all products that are listed for sale have Federal Drug and Administration approval.

Step 5

Decide which population the marketing campaign will be aimed at. Health-care professionals? Individuals needing a certain kind of health-care aid or device? A certain age group? Plan to target that population in any marketing campaign.

Step 6

Develop a relationship with the manufacturers whose products will be sold. Each manufacturer will, through their website, provide the necessary start-up sales kit and basic information to teach how to sell their products.

Step 7

Set up a website that shows, in an attractive and informative manner, which health-care products are being sold. Research how to optimize the website on the Internet search engines (SEO). Start by including Google Adwords and a Yahoo Business as basic marketing tools for promoting the website. Continue to develop strategies for marketing the website and its products.

Step 8

Research marketing through social networking. "Social network" sites sch as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., are powerful tools for marketers. Investigate whether that is a strategy that will work for the health-care products that are being marketed.

Step 9

Have pricing information ready for all health-care products. Arrange for payment options (accepting credit-card payments through Internet sales, paypal payments, etc.) and packaging and shipping.

Step 10

Consider other non-Internet-related marketing strategies. One possibility is to offer incentives for referrals (offering money or products to individuals who refer clients)


  • Marketing is most effective when the marketer believes in the product. Use the products that are being sold. Enthusiasm and a belief in the product will help when marketing the product to others.

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