Selling body oil is starting up a business, whether you sell it to your friends or worldwide on the Internet. Wholesalers of this product are vast and you would need to research a product for integrity and price. Buying wholesale and repackaging for sales is one way to sell body oils. Another way is to become the middleman and be a sales site for someone else’s product.

Things You Will Need
  • Body oil distributor

  • Start up money

  • Supply of bottles for packaging

  • Label making device

  • Paypal account

  • Your own website

  • License and permits

  • A system of bookkeeping

Packaging Your Own Body Oils

Step 1.

Selling body oils in any capacity is a business. You will need to follow the start up process much like any small entrepreneur. First, start by doing market research to find out what type of oil is popular, who your customer base will be, and costs involved in purchasing, packaging, and shipping if you plan to sell on a website.

Step 2.

Next you will need to secure the capitol for your business. If you plan to start small, such as selling the oils at a local store, the costs will be minimal. This would just entail buying a small amount of the oils, packaging, and selling.

Step 3.

You will need to secure any licenses or permits required by your state and town, along with satisfying the sales taxes for your business location. This will need to be done before placing any of your products in a store for sale.

Step 4.

Buying the oils wholesale is easily done by searching the many sites offering this online. You can purchase the oils in gallon bottles and transfer them into small four ounce bottles for resale. Both oils and bottles are sold in bulk.

Step 5.

Choose a catchy name for your oils and make your own labels for the bottles on your printer. When your business gets too big to print labels on a home printer, you will need to either buy a commercial printer or use a printing service.

Becoming a Middleman

Step 1.

Becoming a middleman is another option, which means you never actually touch the product yourself. You can use one of the many websites that offer this service. The concept is basic--you are actually a salesperson for their product. You will erect your own website and sell the company's already packaged oils at a marked up price from what you payed for it.

Step 2.

Shopping on your website, the customer selects the body oil or oils they want to purchase. They pay you, through an Internet pay service, such as paypal, when they place the order. You are charging more than the body oils will cost you (including shipping), making a profit on each bottle. You never have to handle the merchandise; you are just taking and placing orders.

Step 3.

Selling the body oils using this sales strategy is beneficial in many ways. There is little to none start up costs for doing business this way and you can offer more of a selection of the product. You will not waste money on stock that just sits; you are buying the items as they are sold.


Becoming the middleman as a first venture may be the way to start your business and learn the ropes first. You can always sell your own products later on.


Make sure you keep excellent records of your sales either way you decide to run your business. You will need to claim your income on your taxes. Depending on where you are selling the product, you may need to charge and pay sales tax.