Background checks are a necessary step in many professional capacities, including prescreening job applicants. Follow these steps in order to properly fill out a background check form in order to obtain someone's criminal records.

Contact your state to obtain specific forms, laws, and regulations for your region. Each state may vary in its background check procedures and laws. Contact the state patrol in order to obtain your state's specific criminal history request form.

Fill out the name and address of the individual, agency, or business that is requesting the background check. You will also need a signature of an authorized representative of that agency.

Document the purpose of the background check. Some examples are; job screening, rental tenant screening, volunteer application, adoptive parent application, etc.

Provide the information of the person of whom you want to search criminal history. In order to run a background check, you will need the full name, date of birth, Social Security number, and driver's license of the person getting the criminal records search.

Sign the document; the signature makes it official.

Get the individual's signature. Whoever is getting the criminal history check also needs to sign the background check

Send the background check form in to the appropriating agency. Pay any fees that may be associated with the criminal records check.