Setting up different users within QuickBooks Pro is one of the many features built into the software. Only the administrative user can perform changes, such as assigning rights to users. Losing your administrative password requires you to remove the old password from the software. Software programs are available from many different manufacturers; however, Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks Pro, offers a free and safe program to remove your forgotten password.

Things You Will Need
  • QuickBooks Pro software

  • Software license number

  • Internet access

  • Email account

Step 1.

Open your QuickBooks Pro software and select the appropriate company file. Attempt to enter the correct password. Proceed by answering the challenge question. Continue only if you failed to enter the correct password and incorrectly answered the challenge question. Close your QuickBooks software before moving to the next step. Leaving your company file open will cause your password reset tool to fail.

Step 2.

Open your Web browser and go the Intuit support website. A link is in the Resource section of this article. Select “Reset Your Password” on the lower left side of the page under popular topics. In the next screen, select the QuickBooks software you used to last open the locked file.

Step 3.

Fill in the information requested in the blanks, including your license number, first and last name, email, phone number and ZIP code. Click the “submit” button after entering all your data. Intuit will verify that your data matches their system data and then allow you to proceed. Review the user agreement and click on “Download.”

Step 4.

Once saved, locate the file and double click it to open the program. Click on “Browse” and locate the locked QuickBooks company file. Select the file and click “Next.”

Step 5.

Locate the email sent from Intuit and open the message. Retrieve the token number included in the email.

Step 6.

Type the token number into the window for the password reset tool. Type a new password in the second field, followed by repeating the new password in the third field. Click “Next” to proceed. The program may not respond for a few minutes because it is removing the old password from your file.

Step 7.

Re-open your QuickBooks software and select the file previously locked. Upon opening, QuickBooks prompts you to select a new password. Type in the password you just selected and then choose a new password. Click "OK" after you choose your challenge questions. You removed the previous password from your QuickBooks file and entered a new one for future access.


If the Intuit site says your data does not match their records, call the telephone number to speak to a representative.

Use the same version of QuickBooks that was last used to open your file.

Click "Help" and scroll to "About QuickBooks" at the bottom of the menu to get your license number.

For additional assistance with your specific circumstances, contact a QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor. A link is in the Resource section of this article.


Do not use password reset tools from unfamiliar vendors.