Georgia residents who are at least 21 and have worked for at least two years as or with a residential contractor on at least two projects may obtain a handyman license, otherwise known as a Residential Basic Contractor License. There are some prerequisites, a test and about $300 in fees (as of September 2009). The license applies to contractor work on one- and two-family homes and townhouses three stories in height or smaller, and their accompanying accessory buildings.

Things You Will Need
  • Money for test and license fees

  • Internet access

Have a credit report detailing your credit history run no more than 45 days in advance of your application or provide a credit reference for a minimum of two years from the bank used for your contractor business.

Obtain insurance policies: worker's compensation according to the state of Georgia's requirements and a minimum liability policy of $300,000 in the name of the individual or company.

Contact the State Construction Industry Licensing Board for pre-approval before registering to take your test A licensing fee will be required.

State Construction Industry Licensing Board 237 Coliseum Drive Macon, GA 31217-3858 (478) 207-1416 phone (478) 207-1425 fax

Prepare for your test with study materials and a sample test with a company such as Contractor's Licensing where you will find promotions such as a price-match + 10% and a "don't pass -- don't pay" program.

Register for an online test in your area with Laser Grade online or by calling (800) 733-9267. A testing fee will be required.


You must earn at least a 70% on the 80-question test within 200 minutes to pass. The test will cover a variety of topics such as: associated trades, carpentry, concrete, concrete reinforcement, construction, footings, general construction and code, masonry, roofing and sitework, footings, and foundation. A general contractor license is available on projects larger than those covered by this license type. A list of reference books is available from Contractor Licensing that can be tabbed, highlighted and taken into the testing center during the exam.


It will be required that you have already passed the Georgia Business and Law exam before you can register for the Residential Basic Contractor License exam. Typically, you'll need to obtain a local business license in the jurisdiction you are working when applying for a building permit.