How to Start a Caregiver Business

Anyone who wants to start a caregiver business should be entrepreneurial, experienced in business matters or quick to learn, and compassionate, patient and caring by nature. It helps to live in an area with a decent-size senior demographic. Caregivers are people who come to the homes of the very ill (usually seniors, but sometimes for degenerative diseases like Parkinson's) to care for them during the day when their families are unable. The job includes tasks like feeding, bathing and conversing with very ill patients.

Consider franchise opportunities. Home care is a rapidly growing industry, and as such there are multiple franchise opportunities available. The benefits of franchising include providing customers with a name that they feel they can trust, a marketing plan, an established business plan and the backing of the corporation. There is a fee and monthly royalties for the use of the name, and in business you represent the company rather than yourself.

Obtain a background check on yourself to show a franchise company or your personal clients. This can instill trust and comfort, especially when these people will be trusting you to move about in their homes without supervision, and with the care of a beloved relative.

Look into getting a first aid and CPR certification. The people you will care for are feeble or not in the best health, and having basic lifesaving skills could benefit you greatly.

Contact your city's government offices to find out if there are city or state regulations for home care businesses, and to learn what you need to do to comply. You can discuss the permits or other necessities to get a business license at the same time.

Market yourself in your community. Because of the nature of the business, you should only have one client at a time, however, if you are very successful or in demand, consider training an "apprentice" to work for you at a later date. You will need to see a background check for this person, and be confident with their reliability.


  • Taking care of sick clients is a lot like taking care of children. Make sure that they eat properly and get their medication as directed by their families, and spend your time enjoying them, playing games, chatting, or otherwise having fun. Being sick does not make them uninteresting.