How to Start a Laundry Business

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A laundry business can be a simple and profitable business to start. There are many types of laundry businesses, including home-based and dry cleaning franchises. Knowing how to start a laundry business begins with choosing the right one for you.

Decide what kind of laundry business you want to start. Options range from a home-based laundry business to a coin-operated laundromat to a dry cleaning business. Factors that will influence your decision include how much money you have to invest and how involved you want to be in the work of the business.

Find a location. If you plan to offer laundry and ironing services from home, your decision is easy. For a dry cleaning business, you'll need a retail location. A laundromat will require a building that can house washers, dryers and folding tables.

Buy any necessary equipment. This might include washers, dryers, folding tables, dry cleaning equipment, coin changer, cash registers and credit card machines.

Hire employees. Dry cleaners and laundromats may require you to hire help. A home-based laundry business is something you could do yourself.

Market your services. Dry cleaners often offer coupons, which are a good way to get the word out about your laundry business. A home-based laundry business can use low-cost flyers, advertise on Craigslist and encourage word of mouth. For a laundromat, good signage is critical to let people know where you are.


  • For larger businesses, especially those requiring large investments, consult with an attorney about the right legal setup.

    Make sure to investigate what kind of businesses licenses or permits you need through your local government licensing office.


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