How to Team Building Exercise - Ice Breakers

This team building exercise is a quick ice breaker for any business meeting.

Call together a team meeting. Start the meeting by introducing that your going to start off with an ice breaker exercise.

Give your group these instructions: I have here an ordinary balloon. What were going to do is, volley the balloon around the room. When you hit the balloon you need to say one thing that you like about your job.

As each person hits the balloon they state the things that they like most about their job. Instead of making team meetings about what's wrong with everything, make it more about what is enjoyable. You can suggest when you hit the balloon, tell me something that not everyone may know about you. Make it be a get to know you session. Once the balloon gets around the room several times, you can close the team exercise with these words. "We are all working towards a common goal, although we may be in different departments, and have different job functions, if we do not have unity as employees we will not succeed.


  • You can change up these instructions by making altering what the response should be when you hit the balloon.


  • This team exercise may best be implemented in tight knit groups.

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