SureTrak is project-management software that provides project managers with an application tool kit. SureTrak's strengths are in resource planning and reporting. The application is also compatible with Primavera Project Planner and allows beginners to quickly get started with the JumpStart tutorial. Users can also take a slower approach. From PERT and Gnat diagrams to real-time reporting and built-in email, project management software like SureTrak allows project managers to focus on content rather than format.

Things You Will Need
  • SureTrak application

  • SureTrak system requirements:

  • Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT

  • 16 MB RAM

  • VGA or higher resolution monitor

  • CD-ROM

  • Hard disk with 40 MB free space

Step 1.

Start immediately with Project KickStart. This KickStart wizard sets up a project for you using predefined project plans. It will provide a ready-made framework for brainstorming solutions to problems. The wizard will guide you through eight steps from creating a project to project strategy.

Step 2.

Filter your window. SureTrak allows you to group and filter activities based on phase, location, responsibility and codes. You can also customize codes to view any perspective on the screen and save as you save reports.

Step 3.

Customize your reports. You can customize resource layouts to your needs. Zoom in on focus activities by changing the item increment for the project. View next week's projects in months or years. Format activities to make them smaller or stand out.

Step 4.

View PERT. SureTrak allows users to view project details in PERT view. This view makes it easier to manually rearrange activities by reviewing sequences in the Trace Logic window.

Step 5.

Use Web publishing. You can save reports in SureTrak in HTML so they can go directly on the Web. This will enhance project communication efforts.

Step 6.

Use email to send project notifications, screen captures and reminders to team members through Primavera Post Office.


You can print all columns or only visible columns by choosing "File" and then "Page Setup."