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by Sue Teresa Tan; Updated September 26, 2017
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Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) allows military retirees to receive their military retirement pay as well as their Veterans Affairs (VA) disability compensation. It compensates for the reduced retirement benefit given to the retiree when he received the VA compensation. CRSC gives eligible military retirees either partial or full military retirement pay along with the VA compensation.


Step 1

Determine whether you are eligible for CRSC. You can only receive this benefit if you have received VA compensation for combat-related disabilities–that is, you were compensated for disabilities suffered as a result of your participation in battle or during field training in which a war scenario was simulated.

Step 2

Deduct your percentage of disability from 100 percent. This will yield your remaining efficiencies. For instance, if you are declared 50 percent disabled, according to your VA rating, your efficiency is at 50 percent. A 40 percent disability means you’re 60 percent efficient, and so on. This information will be provided in your VA rating.

Step 3

Multiply the efficiencies together. In many cases, disabilities will cover not only that part of the body whose efficiency was affected by the injury but several other aspects of your health will also be factored in. That's why it’s common for disabled retirees to get more than one disability rating. For this, you need to multiply all the remaining efficiencies that you yielded by following the previous step. For instance, if you have three disabilities: 30 percent, 40 percent and 50 percent. Take the remaining efficiencies by subtracting each value from 100 percent, giving you: 70 percent, 60 percent and 50 percent, respectively. Multiply the values together and you will get 21 percent.

Step 4

Deduct this amount from 100 percent. After that, round off to the nearest 10 percent. This will be your combined disability. This will determine how much CRSC you will be entitled to, according to the Pentagon's Defense Finance and Accounting Service. Consider the same example: 100 percent -21 percent = 79% Rounding up, you will get a combined disability of 80 percent.

Step 5

Determine your CRSC entitlement pay based on your retirement pay and the number of years you have been in service. CRSC payment will be the difference between your disability retirement compensation (VA) and your retirement pay based on your number of years in service. To compute your monthly CRSC entitlement, follow this formula: CRSC monthly entitlement = (VA x CDR) – (VA – RP) Where: VA is your disability retirement compensation CDR is your combined disability rating RP is your retirement pay


  • If you’re going to file for CRSC compensation, make sure to file it in your specific military branch of service. You will also need to include with your application evidence of how you incurred the disability in combat.

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