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While no work at home or other money making venture is easy, it doesn't have to cost you any money to get started earning some real cash. You never need to pay anything to continue and, you really CAN earn a real passive income!

Yes, You CAN even, earn money while spending time with the kids, while on vacation, even sleeping!

Before you say I am totally full of ___ and click exit, I am here to tell you that this real money making venture will never cost you a dime, and even if you only do what I suggest for 1 month and then never go back to it again, you will still continue to receive money, month after month for as long as your work remains online.

If you only devote a small amount of time to this money making venture, you may only see a small amount of money in return, but... I honestly believe, that if you give this an honest try and commit to 1-2 hours a day for 1 month, you will get hooked and stay with the program and earn some real cold hard cash!

This is not some fly by night scheme that will cost you your life's savings and leave you destitute. And God forbid, should the worst happen and you lose your job or become disabled, you will still continue to receive money every month.

What am I talking about? Well the answer is in the title of this article. If you have a computer and even just a couple of spare hours a week to spend online, you CAN make money.

There are lots of web sites out there that pay you to exchange ideas and share what you know. The tricky part is finding legitimate ones that do not try to take your money with the promise of a pipe dream!

Everything I am going to tell you about here is totally free to join and pays better than doing surveys!

JOIN Ehow has stopped their writers compensation program but has the best one available on the net today Go to and sign up now if you haven't done so already. Membership is free and if you decide to share your knowledge and write articles that are in any format, you CAN earn a real passive income here!

Join the Writers Compensation Program and put in your Google Adsense information, if you do not have a Google Adsense account you will find a link on the membership area.

Sign on for their Writers Compensation Program and enter your Google Adsense information. Don't have a Google Adsense account? No problem, you will find a link on the site that will take you to Google Adsense.

Accept that making money from your articles involves time. is about sharing information and ideas in a nurturing and friendly way. The more time you devote to writing, the more money you can make. Make sure that the articles you write are unique, well written and informative as well as timely and you should do well here.

REALIZE that you can't get something for nothing. This takes time and effort on your part, but it will NEVER Cost you money! is about community. You should be in the mindset that you are part of a community and you should be there to learn as well as share your own unique information garnered throughout your lifetime. Not only are you sharing your own ideas but you should also be reading, rating and contemplating what others have written here as well. We all have a vast amount of knowledge about a variety of topics so no matter who you are, there is something that someone has to share that you did not know before reading their articles.

JOIN GETHOW2S.COM Get How 2s is new but they are another site that will pay you 90% of your google adsensse income if you write content on their website and it is ok with them if you place your content from other sites onto theirs as long as you change things up a bit and the content you post belongs to you.

There is a link to Get How 2s in the resources section below

SIGN UP FOR BUKISA.COM Bukisa will also let you post content that you own on their site, you will have to play with this site a bit to get used to how it works. But hey it is another free site you can join and make money from.

There is a link to Bukisa in the resources section below

NETWORK WITH REDGAGE.COM Redgage is a unique site where you post links to articles, blogs, photos, videos, youtube, etc in one central location. They you get paid per click from their site to the sites that actually host your articles. People can then rate your articles on redgage to increase your pay per click ratios. Eventually they will get the documents link up where you can actually post the content directly onto their site as well but as I understand it, it may not be up just yet.


There are several web sites out there that will pay you to sell their merchandise. You do not have to do a thing but post links to their information in your resources section of your articles or if you have a website you can set up an online store or links to individual items.

Again this is free to join, and you get paid per click on the sale of their merchandise, you do not have to box, ship or otherwise handle the goods you list for sale.

If you use Tweetbucks to shorten those long URL's to the affiliate merchandise you often receive more per click than you would have otherwise received by simply using Tweetbucks to shorten those long URL's.

FINALLY, LOCATE AND SIGN UP FOR AFFILIATES LINKS I have the URL for affiliates page in my resources section below.

Say you are writing an article about how to properly apply eye shadow. You know that sells various shades and types of eye shadow, so you can log onto your affiliates account, locate eye shadows and pick a couple to post onto your resources section on your articles. Now if you use tweetbucks to shorten that long URL you can then be paid anytime someone clicks on that link, then if they actually buy something while using your link you will receive a commission off of that sale. Great right? But how do you figure out what to use out of that HUGE URL that gives you? Well first does not support images so click on text only, then highlight that text by moving your mouse over the text and right clicking and then click select all, then copy. This information you will post into the box on the right side of where you enter the web address. Then go back to your page and you will see that there will be a " followed by http:// then a long URL and another set of " this information is what you will highlight and copy to place again into your tweetbucks URL shortener web page. Now your link will pay more per click than it would have if you just put it straight into your links box.


  • Play with these web sites, in the beginning you will make only a little money, but with time and patience you will quickly see your earnings grow. Nothing is easy and making money takes work but it can be done. Take the initiative, condition yourself to write just 1 short article a day and watch it grow. There are lots of people here making more than $1000 a month! Now combine that with everything else I have just shown you and you do have a real chance to earn a passive income by working at home. The best thing about all this is that not only is it free, but as long as your content remains on these web sites you will continue to get paid, even if you NEVER write another article again!


  • These web sites are about community, half the battle to earning a residual income is becoming a member of the community, make friends, read and rate others articles, spend time in the forums and above all else.... HAVE FUN WITH IT! WARNING earning money while you are sleeping can become addicting!


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