How to Write A Statement Of Purpose For A Grant Proposal

The Statement of Purpose is the first thing a reader will have to get an idea of what your project is all about and why you are seeking grant funding. First impressions do mean a lot. When competition is high and there are several hundred applications for the grant, expect that only the statement of purpose will be read during the first weeding out of grant proposals.

Answer these questions in your grant proposals statement of purpose: What are your goals of your project? What is your plan of action to obtain your goals? Is your project service related, advocacy focused or involved with public education?

After gathering your answers, write the statement of purpose if the future tense. This helps readers get a feel for your project.


When your grant proposals statement of purpose is complete and spell checked, circulate it among a few colleagues who may not have a full grasp of the project idea. This will help you determine whether your statement is getting across your message in a effective way.



  • When it comes to writing grants: Short, concise, detailed and to the point is always best.


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