How to Prepare a Work Plan

by Shemiah Williams ; Updated September 26, 2017

Whether it's an event, project or program, most businesses require a strategy or plan of action for how to develop and execute the task at hand. Although an investment of time is required upfront, a work plan is a powerful tool to communicate a plan as well as keeping all key staff accountable. Once a basic work plan template has been established, it can be adapted and used for a variety of initiatives.

The Steps

Do some research. Spend some time gathering all the necessary information you need to understand what you're being asked to accomplish.

Outline the specific tasks that need to be completed in order to accomplish the task.

Assign deadlines for each task.

Indicate the staff that are responsible for each task.

Schedule a time to discuss the work plan with all involved staff to get their feedback. Adjust any deadlines or staff assignments as necessary.


  • Build 2-3 extra days into each deadline to allow for unexpected challenges or tasks. Stay on track as much as possible and attempt to get less involved tasks completed early to allow extra time if needed. Consider meeting regularly (i.e. weekly for short-term projects and biweekly for long-term projects) with the project team to discuss challenges and to communicate progress to the team.

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