TNA is the abbreviation for training needs assessment or training needs analysis. Businesses use TNA to determine what actions will produce the best employee performance levels. TNA can be proactive or reactive, and both types employ training to address productivity problems among employees.


A TNA may be performed on a individual employee, a specific department or a entire work force with the purpose of revealing and correcting any weak performance areas.


Proactive TNA is strategic and carefully planned without a definite problem as the focus. It is used to deliver new techniques or processes to employees, as well as strengthen existing expectations.


Reactive TNA happens when a specific problem is pinpointed. For instance, if a worker’s performance problem is evident, reactive TNA is used to correct that specific issue.


Proactive TNA happens when the weaknesses of a work force are unknown and it helps indicate where help is needed. Reactive TNA occurs when a problem is already obvious, creating the need for specialized training to correct the specific problem.