How to Get a Sales Tax License

by Suzie Faloon ; Updated September 26, 2017

When you start a business, you must have the correct licenses. In many states, anyone who sells a product or service must charge sales tax. If sales tax is charged in your state, it is crucial that you get a license before serving your first customer.

Visit the state government website or phone the bureau of taxation or department of revenue for the state that you will do business in. If you will sell products or services in more than one state, you must have sales tax licenses in all pertinent locations.

Request the application for a reseller's certificate or sales tax license for the state.

Complete the reseller's certification or sales tax license application form.

Enclose a business or personal check for any fee that is part of the application process.

Display the reseller's certificate or sales tax license in a public area of the business immediately upon receipt. Record your resale or license number to have it available for wholesale purchasing and proof of licensing when you are not at the main location of the business.

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