How to Break up a Monopoly

by braniac ; Updated September 26, 2017
Break up a Monopoly

Monopolies occur when a firm sells a product that has no close substitute and entry to the industry is blocked so that other firms cannot produce. In this article you will learn how to stop a monopoly.

Divide and conquer. Through government intervention or an equal force one can break up a monopoly into several competing firms. The idea is to create competition and lower prices as well as technological advances.

Regulate and tax. The government or an equal force can impose heavy taxes and regulations which must be followed by penalty of punishment which decreases the profits of the monopoly resulting in it being less desirable for the owners.

Boycott. Probably the only one an individual can accomplish however it involves a near impossible task. Uniting people under one cause and diminishing demand for the monopoly's product. Unfortunately the monopoly's product by its nature has no substitutes and thus the source of their power.

The board game. Furiously flip over the board after running into debt and angrily walk away. Make sure to kick or punch something on your way out.


  • Monopolies are tough nuts to crack, only superior forces can destroy them.

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