To make a profit on items sold, retailers purchase wholesale products. Wholesale products are sold in large quantities at lower prices than retail. Retailers must possess a state-issued vendor's license or business license. Wholesalers will need license information prior to selling items at wholesale prices. Once obtained, a business license allows the holder to purchase products from any wholesale source including manufacturers.

Step 1.

Ask friends, associates and family members that are professionals about their wholesale connections. Retailers, florists, contractors and other professionals have access to wholesale sources.

Step 2.

Look in the phone book for wholesale products, liquidation stock and surplus merchandise. Using an online phone directory will yield several results.

Step 3.

Shop at local warehouse clubs for discount pricing on a large variety of products.

Step 4.

Use search engines to locate wholesale vendors. Run specific searches such as dealer log-in jewelry, dealer log-in electronics or licensed retailers only.

Step 5.

Join associations or groups. Often group members have access to wholesale sources and can combine resources to purchase in bulk.


Slightly irregular items can often be bought at deep discounts.


Instant access to real wholesale websites is usually not allowed.