How to Find Wholesale Items

by Contributing Writer; Updated September 26, 2017

To make a profit on items sold, retailers purchase wholesale products. Wholesale products are sold in large quantities at lower prices than retail. Retailers must possess a state-issued vendor's license or business license. Wholesalers will need license information prior to selling items at wholesale prices. Once obtained, a business license allows the holder to purchase products from any wholesale source including manufacturers.

Step 1

Ask friends, associates and family members that are professionals about their wholesale connections. Retailers, florists, contractors and other professionals have access to wholesale sources.

Step 2

Look in the phone book for wholesale products, liquidation stock and surplus merchandise. Using an online phone directory will yield several results.

Step 3

Shop at local warehouse clubs for discount pricing on a large variety of products.

Step 4

Use search engines to locate wholesale vendors. Run specific searches such as dealer log-in jewelry, dealer log-in electronics or licensed retailers only.

Step 5

Join associations or groups. Often group members have access to wholesale sources and can combine resources to purchase in bulk.


  • Slightly irregular items can often be bought at deep discounts.


  • Instant access to real wholesale websites is usually not allowed.


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