How to Get a License for a Pest Control Company

Pest control companies specialize in the elimination and prevention of pests. The pests may be defined as insects such as ants, termites and spiders or larger creatures such as snakes, rodents or even wild animals. Typically, a pest control company will specialize in either insect or larger pest control; however, many are willing to tackle the full range of pests that may invade a home, business or other structure.

Determine a convenient and centralized location from which to do business. Once the physical location is established, the next step is to obtain a license to do business within a specified area.

Contact local government such as the Clerk at Town Hall or other appropriate personnel. Research and communicate with the appropriate office or individual who can provide specific information as to the business license application process.

Consider the type of pests that will be targeted as a business service. If smaller pests such as ants, spiders and other insects are chosen, a chemical application license may be required to spray and distribute poisons designed to eliminate small pests.

Attend licensing classes offered as a precursor to taking tests. These tests will be designed to find out how much an individual knows about the application of poisons and deterrents.

Pay fees associated with the licensing process. The fees are required to help offset the processing and time spent on the licensing process.


  • Read and study as much as possible when preparing for the licensure process.


  • Do not use or apply poisons or other deterrents without a valid license. The resulting fines for doing so can be steep.