How to Get Employment Verification

by Joey Campbell ; Updated September 26, 2017

Employment verifications are done daily by personnel departments of companies as well as automated employment verification services for the purpose of documenting a person's employment and salary. This is usually done when a customer has applied for credit, a mortgage, an apartment or is requesting insurance. All mortgage companies need these documents to show when employment began, what the salary is, whether there are pay increases due and the year-to-date income.

Obtaining an Employment Verification

If you work for a lender and are processing a loan for a customer, have them sign an information release form, which gives you written permission to ask for the information. Privacy laws prevent payroll and personal information from being given out without permission. Your customer should have given you current pay stubs as well.

Call the human resources department of the company the customer works for. Get the fax number or email address of the person who should receive this request. This person will be a human resources representative or they will work in the payroll department. This form might have to go through both departments to have it filled out correctly.

Email or fax a form, but don't forget to include the information release form and your cover sheet that tells them where to send your request to. If this request is for a mortgage, these requests can never be given to the borrower to forward or give to someone. It cannot pass through their hands to get to someone else.

Call to check on the progress of the verification. If you have not received it back within a few days, call to follow up or resend the form with "second request" written on the cover page.

When you the verification is returned, check the form to be sure the amounts match what is on the pay stubs. Make sure no one used whiteout. In a mortgage file, the use of whiteout is not acceptable. If it does contain whiteout, call and let them know, and ask whether you need to resend the form.


  • There are three ways employment verifications can be done. The first way is what has been described (sending a form), the second way is by talking to the individual. Most mortgage processing systems have an additional form that is "fill in the blank" when the request is made by phone. The information release would still need to be sent. The third way is automated services. Large companies, such as Home Depot, have gone to using an automated system for employment verifications. This cuts down on staff hours and the system charges lenders a fee for the information. The lender would have to have a membership with a user name and password to use it. The employee would have to call in advance to get a key number that identifies the employee.

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