How to Start a Cosmetics Business

If you would you like to start a cosmetics business but are not sure how to proceed, an examination of the available avenues might prove helpful. Among the possible approaches are those that represent fast tracks into the business and those that require a significant amount of planning and the commitment of relatively large investments.

Become an affiliate for existing cosmetics products. As n affiliate you do not have to set up your own business or make cosmetics yourself. You merely refer buyers to the cosmetics that you are endorsing.

Basic steps for starting a business as a cosmetics affiliate include finding a cosmetics affiliate program that you like, signing up for program and promoting the program on websites, blogs, social networks, etc.

Work as a reseller to cosmetics company. As a reseller, you have more possibilities and profit potential. You have many more choices of cosmetics to sell as a reseller and you may sell online or offline. The process includes registering as a business, including acquisition of necessary licenses; choosing which cosmetic products to sell; purchasing cosmetic samples and keeping an inventory of cosmetics products on hand; advertising your products; and establishing a system of shipping cosmetics to customers.

Open your own shop as a cosmetologist. This includes obtaining all required licenses — not only as a business but in accordance with your state's laws regulating training; certification and licensing as a cosmetologist; finding a space in which to receive clients; purchase of equipment and supplies; establishing a schedule of prices; and advertising your services.

Start your own cosmetics line. Basic steps for starting a cosmetics manufacturing business include obtaining a license to do business as well as any licenses that are specific to the production and sell of cosmetics; obtaining a significant physical plant for the production of cosmetics (building and equipment); formulation of your products; purchasing ingredients; designing your packaging, including labels; creation of a price structure; advertising your line; and adoption of a shipping system.

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