When you need to send something by UPS, you must fill out a shipping label. The labels must be filled out correctly so that your shipment is not delayed or rejected. Even if you do this process online, you still must know what to fill out and how to do it correctly.

Enter the shipping address. This is the address that you are sending the package to and not your own. You must enter the name of the receiver, address, city, state and zip code. Include the receiver's telephone number.

Enter your address as the shipper. Include your name or company name, address, city, state and zip code. Also include your telephone number.

Enter the weight of the package. You will need to weigh the package with a scale. It is not a good idea to guess, because you could be over or under. If you are under the weight of the package, it will not have enough shipping costs applied. Use a scale to weigh every package and enter that weight on the UPS label.

Enter the type of delivery you need. This can be overnight or ground.

Pay the required fees.


If you do a large amount of shipping with UPS, you can sign up at the company's website to get labels and use the online system. Fill out the information the same way both online and offline.