How to Start A Business Online With No Money

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017

When looking for a way to make money online, finding a place to start is usually the hardest part. This is due to the overwhelming amount of information available online claiming to be 'the way' to make money. Following is a way to really make money online, with no investment and no special skills.

Step 1

To get started, you will simply need to do a small amount of research. Begin by visiting and look at the wide range of products offered for promotion on this site. Look for items that are of interest to you, and that you would feel confident in promoting with knowledge of the general subject. For instance, if you have some experience with baking, or home improvements, etc., begin by browsing those topics.

Step 2

Once you have found a product, or a few related products, of interest you will now need to create an account, at no cost, to become a clickbank affiliate. Once you have your free account set up, you can begin to generate special affiliate codes so that you earn a commission for every sale that is made using the following actions.

Step 3

With your specific affilate code(s), you can begin to promote the product(s) you have choosen. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. A great way to get started quickly and easily is by placing free classified ads in some of the most popular free classified sites. To find these sites, do a simple search on 'free classifieds'. The sites listed first are sure to be popular free classified sites that are widely used.

Step 4

The next step is to write a short, informative article related to the products you are promoting. Don't be intimidated by this step. Many people feel that they do not have the writing skills needed for this, but almost anyone is capable of producing a quality article if they put a little time and effort into it. If you need help getting started, take some time to read articles on the subject. Pay attention to how the article reads, as well as the information included.

Step 5

Once you have written an article, you can then submit your work to multiple article directories available online. When doing this, be sure to include your special affiliate link in the author's box located at the end of the article. This is very important, as this is the entire purpose of all of the work you've done so far.

Step 6

With your first article submitted, you can now begin to work on additional short articles and repeat the process as often as possible. You can also research other affiliate programs available online by doing a search on 'affiliate programs' or better yet, 'your topic' affiliate programs, to find programs specific to your interests.

Step 7

For more detailed information on making money with affiliate marketing, and many other free ideas for making money online, visit the link below, under the Resources heading, titled 'MakeMoneyOnlineHowTos'.


  • While many people feel that a website is needed for affiliate marketing, this is probably not the best idea for a beginner. Trying to start too many projects can easily cause you to become overwhelmed and give up before you get an honest start.

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