How to Separate Business and Personal Cell Phones

Keeping business and personal life separate is essential for millions of people today. This is especially true when you must keep business and personal cell phone use separate. Keeping business and personal use apart helps not only during tax time, but also in controlling costs and budgeting. Getting a separate business cell phone is not difficult. Here is how to easily separate your business and personal cell phones.

Go to a cell phone retailer. Pick out a phone your business can afford. Look at the features of the phone to be sure they fit with your business needs. Buy the phone using a business account or cash. Get a receipt for tax purposes. Keep the phone purchase separate from any other purchases. If you're buying personal items at the same time, have the cashier ring the phone sale separately on a separate receipt.

Contact your cell phone service provider. Ask about the costs of having a business contract. Look at the options it gives you as well as the costs. You may need to sign up for a separate contract under its business plan. You should also sign up using the business name to keep the phone account completely apart from your personal account. If you do not wish to, or are unable to, sign a contract, go to the next step.

Sign up for a prepaid plan. You will need a prepaid phone to use with this option. Most cell phone service providers allow an option for prepaid users to set up a monthly, or low airtime, automated payment whereby you have a certain amount paid toward air time at certain intervals of time. This allows you to bypass phone contracts and many obligations from service providers. Again, make sure you pay for air time using a business account and keep records.

Turn off the business phone when not at work. This avoids using air time and keeps business separate from personal life. This also keeps costs down and allows for easier bookkeeping. If you need to be reached for emergencies, keep the phone on and set the ringer to vibrate. The phone will act as a pager when used this way and will not cost more.

Keep the business phone at work or in your office. This helps eliminate the possibility of using the business cell phone at home because it isn't available to use. Also, if you must have the personal cell phone with youset it to vibrate so that it works in similar fashion to the step above.