Billing for work that you do is a necessity, as many people who hire contractors to do jobs around the home claim these items on their end of year taxes, and because you need a system of keeping track of what you are paid. Installing vinyl siding is a fairly straightforward billing process; it is just a matter of making sure that everything that needs to be in writing is on the bill.

Step 1.

Figure out the cost of materials, including any special tools required to complete the job. If you did not provide the siding or any additional tools, you can skip this step. Include the total cost of materials and also break down the total on the invoice. For Example: Materials-$1000 Siding $950 Hanging equipment $50. This will make the customer aware that you are detailed and honest, and he will be able to figure the costs in the future for other projects.

Step 2.

Decide the hourly rate you will charge for labor. Many contractors charge between $60 and $75 per hour. This should include trip charges, fuel charges, and any equipment used. On the bill, indicate how many hours at this rate for the job to be completed. For Example: Mon-Wed. 24 hours @$60 Total Labor Charge: $1440.00

Step 3.

Make clear any warranty or guarantee you offer on your work, no matter what the time period is, and exactly what it covers. In other words, if a panel blows off in a tornado or other act of nature, are you going to replace it free of charge? Most of the time the answer to that is no, but if the siding breaks loose on a corner after a few weeks, that should be covered.

Step 4.

Indicate how and when you wish to be paid. You must let the customer know if you accept credit cards or checks and how long she has to make the payment before a late charge will be added.

Step 5.

Thank your customer. Always thank the customer for using your services on the bill. He will remember your quality work, organized billing and genuine appreciation and will think of you first when another job comes up, as well as recommending you to others.


Microsoft Office offers many billing templates that you can customize for a truly professional bill.